MySql doesn’t work in the file under Proxmox LXC

This problem occurs when mysql doesn’t work in the file
on CentOS 7 with LVM storage under LXC,

User access rights and permissions are not defined in the file.

when giving access to chown and chmod it can’t be solved the server responds to “permission denied”

finally found a solution, because the host under LXC Proxmox, I suspect the file is corrupt.

I did “fsck” on centos and the result is blank there is no feedback when I run fsck.

because centos runs under LXC then I do fsck in proxmox by pointing it based on the Centos ID.

and then, I am successful, is running normally.


Database security is very important to us as a database system administrator.

when the install feels easy indeed, but we need to note what will happen after the database system is installed and ready for production by the user.

In this case I will share only additional knowledge in oracle database security.

by default oracle open the login permissions without a password on the server, with like let’s add the settings when login sqlplus must with password, do it like this.

The first thing to do is go to the directory


cd $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin

open file SQLNET.ORA


add the script below


save, run the command reload oracle database

lsnrctl reload


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